Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Sustenance

Since I like to pretend that I people actually are following my blog, I will start this blog with a brief apology.  Life has been quite hectic since my last post, so my Week 15 submission is a little late…
Between me preparing for finals and my husband helping out after hours at the family business (along with various other obligations), our opportunities to cook have been very limited.  That’s why we decided to make an easy and nutritious meal: Bowtie Pasta Salad.


*1 box farfalle pasta
*Approx 6-8 oz. sliced deli roast beef
*8 oz. baby carrots, julienned
*1 large head of broccoli, cut into florets
*1 pkg. shredded mozzarella cheese
*Grated parmesan cheese

Bring water to boil in a pot
Add pasta and cook for 8 minutes then drain
Prepare the vegetables and blanch or steam until tender
Stack the roast beef and cut into ½ inch squares
Spread the roast beef evenly into a greased deep skillet
Cook on medium heat for approximately 5 minutes, stirring frequently
Add the vegetables and cook for approximately 5 more minutes, stirring frequently
Add the pasta and cook for approximately 2 more minutes, stirring frequently
Add the mozzarella and gently fold into the other ingredients a few times (Don’t over mix)
Serve and garnish with parmesan cheese

This is truly one of the simplest “healthy” meals I’ve ever made, and it’s especially good for the hot summer months.  My husband sometimes likes to make this recipe a little bit richer by adding alfredo sauce.
Since this will be my last week of working evenings for the school year, I hope to start cooking dinners more frequently for our little family, but I plan to take advantage of similar quick recipes to allow me to enjoy my nights off with my husband!

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